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prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Pakuła



Prof. Tadeusz Pakuła (1945-2005)


Tadeusz Pakuła was born on July 21st, 1945 in Lodz, Poland.
He studied physics at the University of Łódz in Poland. He got his Ph.D. in chemistry in 1976 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. M. Kryszewski.  In 1984 he received  D.Sc. (habilitation) at the Technical University of Lodz.

He was employed in the Physics Department of the Technical University of Łódz (1967-73) and at the Center of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Łódź (1974-84). During that time he spent one and a half year as a Postdoctoral Fellow  at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (1977/78; with Prof. Dr. E.W. Fischer), and one year  as a Visiting Professor  at the Chemistry Department of Kyoto University (1982/83; with Prof. Dr. H. Kawai and Prof. Dr. T. Hashimoto). In 1984, Tadeusz Pakula joined the newly founded Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany, as a staff scientist and project leader. In 1995, he was additionally affiliated as a professor in the Institute of Polymers at Technical University of Lodz, where he regularly gave lectures on polymer physics and supervised graduate and Ph.D. students.

Tadeusz Pakula was one of the key scientists in the field of complex polymeric materials. His research interests  were broad, related mainly to the relationships between macroscopic properties of complex materials and their structure and dynamics on microscopic length scales. To establish that he applied various experimental techniques. Efforts were made to establish methods that can simultaneously give access to structural and dynamical details like rheo-optics or rheo-dielectrics.
To get further insight into the kinetics of structural relaxation processes of densely packed materials, he utilized also computer modelling techniques. For this purpose, he developed an unique and very efficient computer simulation method, the “Cooperative Motion Algorithm”, which allowed to study the supramolecular structure and dynamics of dense systems.

The research of Tadeusz Pakula was often organized as an extensive cooperation with chemists, physicists and theoreticians from many countries, including Germany, Poland, Greece, and the USA. The results of his scientific work were presented in more than 250 papers, published in respected scientific journals. The profound worldwide appreciation of his work also becomes obvious from the large number of invited lectures he gave at international conferences and symposia.  He was widely recognized as an internationally outstanding researcher. Despite this success, he remained a modest person, but with his own critical opinion, who talked about science with a real passion.

Tadeusz Pakula was an enthusiastic scientist who impressed everyone with his broad and detailed knowledge of polymer physics. He had the ability to reduce difficult polymer problems, making them accessible to a computer simulation, and to support his views and intuitions with convincing arguments and corresponding results. His contributions to progress in the sciences were honoured in 1983 by the Award for Initiatives in Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences for his work on the modelling of mechanical properties of heterogeneous materials and in 1996 by awarding him the  Professor title by the President of Poland.

Tadeusz Pakula passed away on June 7,  2005, a few weeks before his 60th birthday.

He gained a great international reputation as a scientist. 
He will be remembered by his colleagues as a modest, kind, and very helpful person who significantly contributed to the  progress in polymer science. 
To many of us, Tadeusz Pakula was not only an excellent scientist and an extraordinary collaborator, but also a very reliable friend, always ready to generously help and share his time with colleagues.

We will always keep him in thankful and honourable memory.


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