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CMMS PAS is actively involved in the scientific events organized in the framework of the Festival of Science, Technology and Art organized each year in Łódź. The research workers of the Institute prepare presentations related to up – to – date problems the scientific world deals with (eg. lectures about quasi-crystals, photochromic switching systems or  use of polymers in art), as well as the issues from everyday life. Apart from lectures and  multimedia presentations visitors of the Festival have the unique opportunity to see the experiments from the scope of bioorganic chemistry or polymer nano- and micro-particles. All the presentations are met with great interest and are broadly discussed.

The scope of research performed in CMMS PAS was presented to the students of the University of Łódź and the Łódź Technical University, members of scientific circles during the CMMS year reporting meeting. The students were invited to see the posters prepared by the workers of the Centre for domestic and international conferences covering the most interesting scientific results achieved in 2008.

Under the auspices of the Centre of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies there has been organized a course for students of technical universities entitled: ‘Made of Plastic. It’s Fantastic! Polymers Life’. The course lasted from 19 to 27 April 2008 and was organized by the Board of European Students of Technology- BEST, Łódź working at the Technical  University of Łódź. The participants of the course were the students of technical schools from several European countries
and the students of Łódź Technical University. The lectures covering different aspects of polymer science, from  synthesis to recycling, were delivered by scientists from the CMMS PAS and the Technical University of Łodź.

Every year the meetings of NMR Spectroscopy School take place. They are arranged by Professor Marek  Potrzebowski as a form of activity of the NMR Spectroscopy Section of the Polish Chemical Society. The meetings allow the participants from many Polish institutes, students and PhD students, to have a closer look at research work and laboratory equipment available in the Centre. Trainings include lectures as well as practical activities.Young scientists from CMMS PAS take active part in the spring and winter meetings of the Student Section of the Polish Chemical Society.

It is worth  noting that the School of  Polymer Chemistry and scientific meetings held within the course: Progress in Polymer Chemistry and  Physics organized  by Prof. Andrzej Duda  also  arouse  great interest  since  the lecturers are  always  chosen  from  among the world-wide  experts  in chemistry, physics  and  polymer  technology. CMMS   PAS  ensures  access to  scientific   knowledge  not   only  to  students   of  technical   departments  of  universities  but also to  secondary  school  students  who  frequently visit research laboratories of the Institute.

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