Research grants

Grants of National Science Centre

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/05/B/NZ1/01661,
The solution of the crystal structure deoksyrybosome 10-23 and explanation of the mechanism of its action

Project Leader: dr Rafał Dolot
1.03.2013 – 29.02.2016

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/01/B/NZ3/02090
Study of complex formation tRNA / cytochrome C and its effects on cell apoptosis

Project Leader: dr Arkadiusz Chworoś
07.12.2011 – 06.12.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/03/B/ST5/02671
Stereodefined phosphorothioate analogs of DNA containing intercalated nucleoside units of the type of LNA – synthesis and properties of the complexes formed with DNA and RNA matrices

Project Leader: dr hab. Piotr Guga
29.08.2012 – 28.08.2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/03/B/ST5/02670
Stereodefined phosphorothioate Glicol Nucleic Acids (GNA) – synthesis and physicochemical properties
Project Leader: dr Agnieszka Tomaszewska
29.08.2012 –  28.08.2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/03/B/ST5/02669
Studies of desulfuration of  2-thiouridines in the context of tRNAs damage under oxidative stress

Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Barbara Nawrot
05.09.2012 – 04.09.2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/05/B/ST5/00364
Staining of cell membranes using fenylenowinylenowych phenylvinylene oligoelectrolites.

Project Leader: dr Arkadiusz Chworoś
22.03.2013 – 21.03.2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/05/B/NZ2/00574.
MicroRNAs in tumor-derived exosomes: possible contribution to cancer immune suppression

Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Markus Duechler.
12.03.2013 – 11.03.2016

Grant NCN PRELUDIUM, nr umowy: DEC-2012/05/N/NZ7/01174
The compounds of potential anticancer properties from the group of derivatives of benzo[b]furans and dicarboximides – study the mechanism of action in human cells.

Project Leader: mgr Karolina Królewska
28.02.2013 – 27.02.2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/01/B/ST5/06664
The new optically active phosphine thio and selenoacids as chiral solvating reagents in NMR spectroscopy, the ligands in the complex connections with selected organometallic compounds and organocatalysts

Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Józef Drabowicz
01.12.2011 – 30. 11.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/01/M/ST5/05240
Synthesis and structural studies of new chiral materialsbased on fullerene C60 functionalization with a substituent having stereogenic heteroatom

Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Józef Drabowicz
19.12. 2011 – 18.12. 2014

Grant NCN PRELUDIUM, nr umowy: 2012/05/N/ST5/00140
Development of methods of synthesis of fluorinated isoselenecyanate analogues of sulforaphane with expected increased anti-tumor activity

Project Leader: mgr Tomasz Cierpiał
19.03. 2013 -18.03.2016

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/05/B/ST5/00738
A new approach to the synthesis of phosphonic analogues of lignans.

Project Leader: dr Marek Koprowski
04.03.2013 – 03.03.2016

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/05/B/ST4/00075
Structural studies of complexes of hydrolytic enzymes with heteroorganic substrates  and their analogs

Project Leader: dr hab. Jarosław Błaszczyk
04.03.2013 – 03.03.2016

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/05/N/ST5/00169
A new approach to the synthesis of non-linearly fused polycyclic (hetero)aromatic hydrocarbons with (hetero)aromatic di- and tetraaldehydes as precursors
Project Leader: mgr Joanna Skalik
18. 03. 2013 – 17. 03. 2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/06/A/ST5/00227
New organometallic catalysts and/or organocatalyst based on connection with stereogenic hypervalent and / or tetracoordinated heteroatom

Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Józef Drabowicz
29. 04. 2013 – 28. 04. 2017

Grant NCN nr umowy: 2012/07/N/ST5/01985
The research of new cyclisation reaction of electrophilic derivatives diarylomethanols and diarylometanes   in aqueous systems,  high-power ultrasonically assisted.
Project Leader: inż. mgr Emilia Kowalska
15.07. 2013 – 14.07. 2016

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/01/B/ST8/06492
Optimization of the morphology and properties of nanocomposites based on partially crystalline polymers at technological conditions

Project Leader: dr Łukasz Figiel
14.12.2011 – 13.12.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/03/D/ST8/04156
Amorphous phase of semi-crystalline polymers – the structure, physical condition and their role in mechanical properties

Project Leader: dr Artur Różański
29.08.2012 – 28.08.2015/16

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/03/B/ST8/06126
Opportunities of multifunctional modification of a fabric containing the conductive network formed by a multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Project Leader: dr Tomasz Makowski
05.09.2012 – 04.09.2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/04/A/ST5/00606
A new generation of polymer nanocomposites and polymer nanofibers generated in situ by the plastic deformation of polymer crystals

Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Andrzej Gałęski
14.09.2012 – 13.09.2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2407/B/T02/2011/40
Colloidal crystals from microspheres of polystyrene core and polyglicdol containing shell  for use in medical diagnostic tests

Project Leader: dr hab. Teresa Basińska
18.04.2011 – 17.04.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 0904/B/H03/2011/40
Economical process of preparation of alkoxysilanes and analysis of their use as materials for soil hardening

Project Leader: dr Jan Kurjata
06.04.2011 – 05.06.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/01/B/ST5/06662
Hydrophilic and functionalized polysiloxane microspheres and nanospheres

Project Leader: dr Witold Fortuniak
01.12.2011 – 30.11.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/03/B/ST5/02672
The study  processes of manufacturing and structuring of new hybrid materials
Project Leader: dr hab. Anna Kowalewska
29.08.2012 – 28.08.2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/05/B/ST5/00366
Bimetallic noble metal nanoparticles with controlled composition and structure

Project Leader: dr hab. Paweł Uznański
04.03.2013 – 03.03.2016.

Grant NCN nr umowy: 2012/07/N/ST5/01980
Functionalized polysiloxane microspheres as
catalysts carriers
Project Leader: mgr Piotr Pospiech
15.08.2013 – 14.08.2016

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2012/07/B/ST5/02603
Oligosilsesquioxane drug nanocarriers

Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Stańczyk
13.06.2013 – 12.06.2016

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 7624/B/H03/2011/40
Synthesis and structural studies of liposomal polymeric nanoshells encapsuled with pharmacologically active substances
Project Leader: dr Beata Miksa
06.04.2011 – 05.04.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 4077/B/H03/2011/40
Synthesis of conjugates of nucleozide triphosphates  with  polipropylenoimide (PPI) and polyethyleneimine (PEI) dendrimers. Study  of their anticancer activity in cell cultures

Project Leader: dr Wojciech Dąbkowski
13.04.2011 – 12.04.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/01/N/ST4/03108
Correlations between the experimental and theoretical NMR parameters in ordered / disordered molecular crystals of selected opioid peptides

Project Leader: mgr inż. Tomasz Pawlak
06.12.2011 – 05.12.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/01/B/ST4/02637
New strategies of NMR spectroscopy of solids in structural studies of selected  bioorganic and functional materials
Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Marek Potrzebowski
01.12.2011 – 30.11.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2011/03/N/ST4/01721
The use of modern NMR spectroscopy in the study of supramolecular and coordination complexes

Project Leader: mgr inż. Piotr Paluch
20.08.2012 – 19.08.2015

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 1311/B/H03/2011/40
Chemo-enzimatic syntheses and investigation of the activity of new chiral heteroorganic catalysts 

Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Piotr Kiełbasiński
13.04.2011 – 12.04.2014

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 013/09/B/ST5/03616
Supramolecular structure of the linear and star-shaped polylactide and their stereocomplexes through interactions of functional end groups (“sticky ends”). Synthesis and relationships
between structure and properties

Project Leader:  dr hab. Tadeusz Biela
17.02.2014 – 16.02.2017

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2013/09/B/ST5/03612
Transformation of 5′-O-nucleoside monotiophosphates to the corresponding 5′-O-monophosphates in cell conditions –  possible metabolic pathway of phosphorothioate drugs and prodrugs

Project Leader: dr Agnieszka Krakowiak
13.02.2014 – 12.02.2017

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2013/09/B/ST5/03619
Star polylactides – synthesis and comparison with linear polymers

Project Leader: dr hab. Grzegorz Łapienis

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2013/11/B/ST5/01615
Synthesis of microspheres of silicon-carbide-oxide (SiCO) from polysiloxanes and their use for the preparation of ceramic composites, and ceramicpolymer hybrid materials

Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Stanisław Słomkowski

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2013/11/N/ST5/02040
Synthesis and structural studies of modified  supramolecular and coordinated porfirynoids

Project Leader: mgr Justyna Śniechowska

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2013/11/B/ST5/01610
Thio-modyfication of  new cyclization reaction of the Friedel-Crafts type and investigations of the optoelectronicproperties thio-substituted (hetero)acens
Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Piotr Bałczewski

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2013/11/B/ST5/01581
P-stereodefined phosphorothioate DNA analogs containing modifications that prevent WatsonCrick  interactions Hoogsteens interactions with  RNA and DNA matrices

Project Leader: dr Anna Maciaszek

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2013/11/B/ST5/01618
Microparticles of stereocomplexes of polylactide  containing metal ions and their application for the release of pharmacologically active substances
Project Leader: dr hab. Melania Bednarek

Grant NCN, nr umowy: 2013/11/B/ST5/01589
The rearrangement of cyclopropyl phosphoniates and synthesis of cyclopropyloaminophosphoniate acids
Project Leader: prof. dr hab. Wanda Halina Midura


Grants of National Centre for Research and Development

Grant NCBiR, umowa nr INNOTECH-K3/IN3/24/227425/NCBR/14
Development of recipies and technology of new types of fire retardant polyolefin porous materials
project coordinated by the Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis Blachownia “
Task leader: prof. dr hab. Andrzej Gałęski

Grant NCBiR, umowa nr PBS2/A1/12/2013
The technology of  producing  lactides from lactic acid – LACMAN
Projec coordinated by Warsaw Technical University
Task leader (4): prof. dr hab. Stanisław Słomkowski

Projects run in the frame of programs of the European Council and the Operational Programme-Innovative Economy

Grant NCBiR, umowa nr POIG.01.01.02-10-025/09
Technology of biodegradable polyesters from renewable raw materials – BIOPOL
Project coordinated by CMMS
Project leaderu: prof. dr hab. Stanisław Słomkowski

Grant OPI, numer umowy: POIG nr POIG.01.03.02-10-022/11
Patent protection for new chemical connections with antitumor activity and methods for their synthesis

Project leader: prof. dr hab. Stanisław Słomkowski,
Principal Investigators: prof. dr hab. Piotr Bałczewski, prof. dr hab. Barbara Nawrot

Projekt POMOST/2013-8/9
„Enzyme-promoted synthesis of chiral analogues of 1,3,5-triaza-7-phospha-adamantane (PTA), potential water-soluble phosphine ligands and catalysts.”

Project leader:  dr Małgorzata Kwiatkowska
time: 03.2014 – 02. 2016

Grant NCBiR, umowa nr POIG.01.01.02-10-123/09
The use of biomass for the production of  environmentally-friendly polymer materials, BIOMASA
Project coordinated byTechnical University of Łódź


Other projects

cooperation in the frame of the joint research project carried out on the basis of an agreement between the Academy and the Romanian Academy for the years 2013-1015
”Study of thermosensitivity of surface layer of  microspheres with fluorescent  methods
Project leader: dr hab. Teresa Basińska

European Grant  I-20130111 EC to cover the cost of research synchrotron, granted through DESY Hamburg.
1.1.2014 – 30.6.2014
Project leader: A. Pawlak

Grant:  Europe project Institute Carnot CONductive and EXtrudable polymers for piezoelectric applications (CONEX)
Project leaders: K.Jurczuk, A.Gałęski

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