Operational Program Innovative Economy (EU)

Projects run in CMMS PAS
  1. Biodegradable textile goods (Biodegradowalne wyroby włókniste), BIOGRATEX. (task leader – Prof. S. Penczek), Project coordinator: Technical University of Łódź
    web page: http://www.biogratex.pl,
  2. Functional nano- and micro- materials for textiles ( Funkcjonalne nano i mikromateriały włókiennicze), NANOMITEX. (task leader – prof. S. Słomkowski), Project coordinator: Textile Institute in Łódź
    web page
    : http://www.nanomitex.eu
  3. Packaging materials of new geneation from  bio-recyclable polymers (Materiały opakowaniowe nowej generacji z tworzywa polimerowego ulegającego recyklingowi organicznemu) , MARGEN (task leader – prof. A. Gałęski). Project coordinator: Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials PAS
    web page: http://margen.cmpw-pan.edu.pl
  4. Technology of fabrication of biodegradable poyesters from renewable sources (Technologia otrzymywania biodegradowalnych poliestrów z wykorzystaniem surowców odnawialnych), BIOPOL.    Project coordinator: CMMS PAS
    web page: http://www.biopol.cbmm.lodz.pl
  5. Applitation of biomass for production of enviromental friendly polymers (Zastosowanie biomasy do wytwarzania polimerowych materiałów przyjaznych środowisku) BIOMASA. Project coordinator: Technical University of Łódź
    web page:     http://biomasa.p.lodz.pl/
  6. New systems containing delocalized multiple bonds for applications in  organic optoelectronics: mono-, oligo-, and polymeric thiophene based  systems functionalized in position 3 of the thiophene ring by selected  substituents possessing stereogenic heteroatom, and fused polycyclic  aromatic and heteroaromatic hydrocarbons, PATENT.
  7. Patent protection for new chemical connections with antitumor activity and methods of their synthesis, PATENT PLUS
    task leaders: P. Bałczewski, J.Drabowicz
  8. Enzyme-promoted synthesis of chiral analogues of 1,3,5-triaza-7-phospha-adamantane (PTA), potential water-soluble phosphine ligands and catalysts,  POMOST.
    Project coordinator: CMMS PAS, leader M.Kwiatkowska


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