Laboratory of Molecular Mass Evaluation

This laboratory is a part of   Department of Polymer Chemistry. It offers analytical services in the range of determination molecular mass, its distribution, gyration radius, etc.

The laboratory is equipped with chromatographs of the Agilent company designed to run analyses in organic solvents (CH2Cl2 i THF) and water.

We have three SEC chromatographs: SEC – MALLS (detection RI and MALLS),  Tri-SEC (detection RI, RALLS and by flow viscosimery). These allow for absolute molecular mass evaluations of polymers dissolving in  CH2Cl2. Additionally, we use another  SEC-RI chromatograph, which works with THF as an eluent and allows only  molecular mass determination relative to PS.

Laboratory dettermines also relative molecular mass with,  respect to PS and PEG (water) standards when the measurement of absolute values is not possible.

Additional info:
Prof. Tadeusz Biela
Tel.: +48(42) 6803 219

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