Independent Laboratory of Polymer Structures

Research in the Department of Polymer Structure is focused on study and development of polymer based materials for advanced applications. The activity is directed towards modification of crystallization behaviour, structure and properties of polymer based materials: polymer composites and nanocomposites, multilayered films, polymer blends and biodegradable polymers. In particular our research activity concerns:

  • Polymer based composites and nanocomposites reinforced with fibers and nanofibers of polymeric or nonpolymeric materials, exfoliated silicates, micro- and nanopowders.
  • Static and shear induced crystallization of polymer nanocomposites.
  • Nucleation activity of nanofillers.
  • Development of novel nanocomposites based on petrochemical and/or biodegradable polymers for packaging materials.
  • Mechanism of plastic deformation of composite materials.
  • Crystallization and properties of polymer blends and multilayered polymer systems.
  • Influence of confinement on crystallization in polymer micro- and nanodroplets and in polymer micro- and  nanolayers.
  • Development of novel biodegradable polymer blends with improved mechanical performance for fibers and  packaging.
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