Data wydarzenia: 19/11/2010

XIII National Symposium „Advances in Chemistry of Heteroorganic Compounds”

November 19, 2010, CMMS PAS, Sienkiewicza 112.

Section of Heteroorganic Chemistry of Polish Chemical Society  organizes on November 19, 2010  XIII National  Symposium „Advances in Chemistry of Heteroorganic Compounds”

Symposium will be held in CMMS PAS, Lodz, Sienkiewicza 112. There are plenary lectures and the poster session in the program of the Symposium.  Plenary lectures will be delivered by Professors: Carole Alayrac-Witulski, Annie-Claude Gaumont (Université de Caen), Christian Hackenberger (Freie Universität Berlin), Günter Haufe (Universität Münster), Stanisław Penczek (CMMS PAS, Lodz) and  Takeshi Takeda (Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology).

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