Division of Polymer Materials Engineering

Research in Department of Engineering of Polymer Materials is directed towards development of molecular engineering methods of synthesis of macromolecules, macromolecular aggregates, nano- and microparticles and particle assemblies as well as towards development of chemical processes at interfaces suitable for applications in medicine, biology, for construction of biosensors and optical sensors. In particular, we are interested in:

  • Fundamental studies of ring-opening polymerization of heterocyclic compounds, on polycondensation and polymerization at interfaces.
  • Synthesis of polymers (siloxanes, polyesters, polyethers) with tailored architecture and molecular weight, polymers decorated with functional groups suitable for immobilization of bioactive compounds, receptors, whole proteins (including enzymes), groups responding to external stimuli.
  • Self-assembly of macromolecules into colloidal particles.
  • Behavior of molecules at interfaces. Modification of silica, glass, silicon wafers and metal surfaces by coating with siloxanes, polyesters and other macromolecular systems.
  • Modification methods include coating, grafting from and onto the surface, chemical vapor deposition as well as nano- and microparticle deposition.
  • Interactions of proteins, oligopeptides, oligonucleotides and living cells with polymer surfaces and with polymer nano- and microparticles. Relations between chemical and physicochemical characteristics of interfacial layer and activity of adsorbed and/or covalently immobilized biomolecules.
  • Fabrication of materials for sensors and for various medical diagnostic systems.
  • Development of colloidal drug delivery systems.
  • Fabrication of polymer supports used in biotechnology and in tissue engineering.
  • Theoretical methods (molecular modeling) and physicochemical techniques used for studies polymerization and polymerization related reactions as well as interactions of atoms, ions and small molecules with macromolecules.

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