Division of Structural Studies

In Structural Studies Department of CMMS PAS we focus our attention on recognizing and understanding structure of organic molecules, drugs, small peptides and proteins. Main analytical technique which we are using is solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

Structural characterization of new matters represents a key challenge for researchers dealing with scientific disciplines such as organic and bioorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry as well as new materials engineering. Understanding the properties of substances and knowledge of their three-dimensional structure are essential in accounting for the relationship between morphology and functions. There are a number of experimental techniques that are dedicated to the study of structures. The NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry are leading analytical techniques developed in our Laboratory;

The main field of interest is the application of the NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry in the structure analysis of organic, bioorganic compounds and polymers. The synthetic materials and natural products are investigated both in liquid and solid phases. The correlation between the molecular and/or supermolecular structure and physico-chemical properties is one of the leading projects.

Solid State NMR spectroscopy is used as a tool to search the polymorphism and pseudopolymorphism phenomenon, analysis of intra- and intermolecular contacts e.g. strong and weak hydrogen bonding, aromatic-aromatic interactions, molecular packing effects. The influence of intermolecular interactions on NMR shielding parameters is investigated by means of experimental and theoretical methods.

The methodology of measurements that allow understanding the mechanism of the phase transition on the molecular level is developed. The mode of phase reorientation is searched in the complementary approach employing DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) and variable temperature high resolution Solid State NMR.

Subtle structural features, e.g., deviation from perfect periodicity (static distortion), have influence on the physical properties of the solid state. Most solid materials contain some level of disorder. It is not always possible to investigate the local distortion of structure by means of XRD methods, which reflect long range order. Solid State NMR spectroscopy, representing the local electronic environment for each nucleus correlated with XRD of powdered materials is employed for detailed analysis of materials and thermal processes.

Developing the methodology of measurements of peptides interactions with lipid bilayers is one of the newest projects. Opioid peptides are studied by means of the HR MAS approach.


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