Publikacje 2007

B. Nawrot, E. Gaggelli
Understanding the chemical mechanisms of life
Nat. Chem. Biol., 2007, 3(12):745-749 IF=12,409

P. Guga
P-Chiral Oligonucleotides in Biological Recognition Processes
Curr. Top. Med. Chem., 7, 695-713 (2007) IF=4,167

S. Penczek, M. Cypryk, A. Duda, P. Kubisa, S. Słomkowski
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Progress in Polymer Sci., 32, 247-282 (2007) IF=14,818

P. Kiełbasiński, M. Rachwalski, M. Mikołajczyk, M. Szyrej, M. W. Wieczorek, R. Wijtmans, F. P. J. T.
Enzyme-promoted Desymmerisation of Prochiral Bis(cyanomethyl) Sulfoxide
Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 349, 1387-1392 (2007) IF=4,762

B. Nawrot, K. Widera, M. Wójcik, B. Rębowska, G. Nowak, W. J. Stec
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FEBS Journal, 274, 1062–1072 (2007) IF=3,033

P. Guga, M. Boczkowska, M. Janicka, A. Maciaszek, S. Kuberski, W. J.Stec
Unusual Thermal Stability of RNA/[RP-PS]-DNA/RNA Triplexes Containing a Homopurine DNA
Biophys. J., 92, 2507-2515 (2007) IF=4,757

A. Krakowiak, R. Kaczmarek, J. Baraniak, M. Wieczorek, W. J. Stec
Stereochemistry of rHint1 hydrolase assisted cleavage of P-N bond in nucleoside 5’-Ophosphoramidothioates
Chem. Commun., 2163-2165 (2007) IF=4,521

L. A. Wozniak, M. Góra, W. J. Stec
Chemoselective Activation of Nucleoside 3’-O-Methylphosphonothioates with 1,3,5-Triazinyl
Morpholinium Salts
J. Org. Chem., 72, 8584-8587 (2007) IF=3,790

T-F Chou, J. Baraniak, R. Kaczmarek, X. Zhou, Cheng J., B. Ghosh, C.R. Wagner
Phosphoramidate Pronucleotides: A Comparison of the Phosphoramidase Substrate Specificity of
Human and Escherichia coli Histidine Triad Nucleotide Binding Proteins.
Mol. Pharm., 4, 208-217 (2007) IF=4,469

P. Guga, M. Janicka, A. Maciaszek, B. Rębowska, G. Nowak
Hoogsteen Paired Homopurine [RP-PS]-DNA and Homopyrimidine RNA Strands Form a Thermally
Stable Parallel Duplex
Biophys. J., 93, 3567-3574 (2007) IF=4,757

K. Sipa, E. Sochacka, J. Kaźmierczak-Barańska, M. Maszewska, M. Janicka, G. Nowak, B. Nawrot
Effect of base modifications on structure, thermodynamic stability and gene silencing activity of
short interfering RNA.
RNA, 13, 1301-1316 (2007) IF=5,111

B. Knobloch, H. Sigel, A. Okruszek, R.K.O. Sigel
Metal-Ion Coordinating Properties of the Dinucleotide 2’-Deoxyguanylyl(5’?3’)-2’-deoxy-5’-
guanylate, d(PGPG)3-. Isomeric Equilibria Including Macrochelated Complexes Relevant for Nucleic
Chem. Eur. J., 13, 1804-1814 (2007) IF=5,015

M. Baśko, P. Kubisa
Polyester oligodiols by cationic AM copolymerization of L,L-lactide and caprolactone intiated by
J. Polym Sci., Part A, Polym. Chem, 45, 3090-3097 (2007) IF=3,405

M. Bednarek, K. Jankova, S. Hvilsted
Novel polymers based on atom transfer radical polymerization of 2-methoxyethyl acrylate
J. Polym Sci., Part A, Polym. Chem, 45, 333-340 (2007) IF=3,405

T. Biedroń, P. Kubisa
Chain transfer to ionic liquid in an anionic polymerization of methyl methacrylate
J. Polym Sci., Part A, Polym. Chem, 45, 4168-4172 (2007) IF=3,405

M. Florczak, J. Libiszowski, J. Mosnacek, A. Duda, S. Penczek
L,L-Lactide and ε-caprolactone Block Copolymers by a ‘Poly(L,L-lactide) First’ Route
Macromol. Rapid Commun., 28, 1385-1391 (2007) IF=3,164

K. Kaluzynski, J. Pretula, S. Penczek
Poly(ethylene glycol)-b-phosphorylated polyglycidols as CaCO3 crystal growth modifiers. II.
Macromolecular architecture versus the crystal size and shape and crystallization inhibition
J. Polym. Sci.: Part A: Polym. Chem., 45, 90-98 (2007) IF=3,405

G. Lapienis
The Influence of Precursor’s Length and [diepoxide]o/[MPEG]o Ratio on Poly(ethylene glycol) Star
Formation. The Quantitative Conversion of Both Precursors
J. Polym Sci., Part A, Polym. Chem., 45, 5017-5021 (2007) IF=3,405

E. Lezak, Z. Bartczak
Plastic Deformation of the γ Phase Isotactic Polypropylene in Plane-Strain Compression at
Elevated Temperatures
Macromolecules, 40 (14), 4933-4941 (2007) IF=4,277

M. Pluta, A. Galeski
Plastic deformation of amorphous Poly(L/DL-lactide): Structure evolution and physical properties
Biomacromolecules, 8 (6): 1836-1843, 2007 IF=3,664

P. Polanowski, J.K. Jeszka
Microphase separation in two dimensional athermal polymer solutions on a triangular lattice
Langmuir, 23, 8678-8680 (2007) IF=3,902

A. Tracz, T.Makowski, S. Masirek, W. Pisula, YH. Geerts
Macroscopically aligned films of discotic phthalocyanine by zone casting
Nanotechnology, 18, art. no. 485303 (2007) IF=3,037

E. Schirrmacher, B. Wängler, M. Cypryk, G. Bradtmöller, M.l Eisenhut, K. Jurkschat, R.
Synthesis of p-(Di-tert-butyl[18F]fluorosilyl)benzaldehyde ([18F]SiFA-A) with High Specific Activity by
Isotopic Exchange: A Convenient Labeling Synthon for the 18F-Labeling of N-amino-oxy Derivatized
Bioconjugate Chem., 18, 2085 (2007) IF=3,823

A. Yanguas-Gil, J. Cotrino, A. Walkiewicz-Pietrzykowska, A. R. Gonzalez-Elipe
Scaling behavior and mechanism of formation of SiO2 thin films grown by plasma-enhanced
chemical vapor deposition
Physical Rev. B, 76 (2007) art. No 075314 IF=3,107

J. Pacholczyk, J. Kalisiak, J. Jurczak, M. J. Potrzebowski
Search of nature of planar chirality for pendant benzodiazacoronands in the solid state – NMR, Xray
and DFT studies
J. Phys. Chem. B, 111, (2790-2799), 2007 IF=4,115

B. Marciniec, K. Szubert, M. J. Potrzebowski, I. Kownacki, K. Łęszczak
Synthesis, Characterization and catalytic Activity of a Well-Defined Complex Immobilized on Silica
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 46, 1-5 (2007) IF=10,232

J. Chojnowski, W. Fortuniak, M. Scibiorek, K. Rozga-Wijas, A. Grzelka, U. Mizerska
3-chloropropyl functionalized dendrigraft polysiloxanes and dendritic polyelectrolytes
Macromolecules, 40 (26): 9339-9347 (2007) IF=4,411

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