Publikacje 2012

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Melanoma Res., 22(3), 215-24 (2012) IF=2.187

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A single nuclease-resistant linkage in DNA as a versatile method for the characterization of DNA lesions: application to the guanine oxidative lesion “G+34” generated by metalloporphyrin/KHSO5
Chem. Res. Toxicol., 25, 2505-2512 (2012) IF=3.779

M. Mikołajczyk, J. Łuczak, L. Sieroń, M. W. Wieczorek
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Tetrahedron, 68, 126-132 (2012) IF=3.025

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Chem. – Eur. J., 18, 4866-4876 (2012) IF=5.925

M. K. Jamroz, M. H. Davey, Sł. Kaźmierski, W. Danikiewicz, G. Spolnik, J. A. Gliński
New A-type trimeric and tetrameric procyanidins from peanuts skins
Planta Medica, 78, PI277 (2012) IF=2.153

L. Madalińska, M. Kwiatkowska, T. Cierpiał, P. Kiełbasiński
Investigations of enzyme catalytic promiscuity: the first attempts at a hydrolytic enzyme-promoted conjugate additions of nucleophiles to α,β-unsaturated sulfinyl acceptors
J. Mol. Catal. B: Enzym., 81, 25-30 (2012) IF=2.735

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Green Chem., 14, 2776-2779 (2012) IF=6.320

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Tetrahedron, 68, 10209-10217 (2012) IF=3.025

E. Krawczyk, G. Mielniczak, K. Owsianik, J. Łuczak
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Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 23, 1480-1489 (2012) IF=2.652

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S. E. Kazzouli, N. E. Brahmi, S. Mignani, M. Bousmina, M. Zabłocka, J.-P. Majoral
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Curr. Med. Chem., 19, 4565-5010 (2012) IF=4.859

M. Basko, M. Bednarek
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Reactive Funct. Polym., 72: 213-220 (2012) IF=2.479

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J. Polym. Sci. Part A, Polym. Chem., 50, 3030-3038 (2012) IF=3.919

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Macromolecules, 45, 8714-8721 (2012) IF=5.167

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European Polymer Journal, 48, 2019-2030 (2012) IF=2.739

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Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 125, 4155-4168 (2012) IF=1.289

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Macromolecules, 45, pp. 5069-5080, 2012 IF=5.167

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Macromolecules, 45, pp. 5653-5666, 2012 IF=5.167

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Macromolecules, 45, pp. 9333–9346, 2012 IF=5.167

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A study on the appearance of extended chain fibrils of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene at melt/solid interface
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 125, 4209-4218 (2012) IF=1.289

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eXPRESS Polymer Letters, 6(5), 2012, 373-382 IF=1.769

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Macromolecules, 45 (6): 2654-2661 (2012) IF=5.167

T Pawlak, K. Trzeciak-Karlikowska, J. Czernek, W. Ciesielski, M.J. Potrzebowski
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J. Phys. Chem., B 116, 1974-1983, (2012) IF=3.696

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BBA-BIOMEMBRANES, 1818, 2579-2587, (2012) IF=3.990

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J. Phys. Chem., C, 116, 12330-12338, (2012) IF=4.805

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Benchmarks for the 13C NMR chemical shielding tensors in peptides in the solid state
Chem. Phys. Lett., 527, 31–35,(2012) IF=2.337

M. Jaworska, T. Pawlak, R. Kruszyński, M. Ćwiklińska, M. Krzemiński
NMR Crystallography Comparative Studies of Chiral (1R ,2S ,3R ,5R) ‑ 3-Amino-6,6-dimethylbicyclo[3.1.1]heptan-2-ol and Its p‑Toluenesulfonamide Derivative
Cryst. Growth Des., 12, 5956 – 5965, (2012) IF=4.720

G. Krasiński, M. Cypryk, M. Kwiatkowska, M. Mikołajczyk, P. Kiełbasiński
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J. Mol. Graph. Model., 38, 290-297 (2012) IF=2.338

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High-pressure crystallization of isotactic polypropylene droplets
Coll. Polym. Sci., 290, 1599-1607 (2012) IF=2.331

M.Kowalczyk, M.Pluta, E.Piorkowska, N.Krasnikova
Plasticization od Polylactide with Block Copolymers of Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol
J.Appl.Polym.Sci., 125, 4292-4301 (2012) IF=1.289

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